Heat Pump Design


At The Renewable Design Company, we know that the best installations start with the best possible heat pump design.

Our industry-renowned team hold unrivalled experience in ground source, water source and air source heat pump design, and are responsible for developing some of the UK’s largest and most complex systems.

Good design is particularly important for heat pump systems - more so than conventional boiler systems. For heat pumps, the design will determine:

  • the efficiency and running cost for the system
  • the longevity of the system
  • the performance of the heating/hot water/cooling in the building
  • the income from any government incentives

The design process starts with the initial consultation. This is a completely free service that we offer and will provide an outline assessment of your project particulars. Following this assessment we will offer recommendations for the most suitable solution, estimates of fuel savings and income that the system will generate.

If you are happy with our recommendation and decide to proceed, then we'll progress to a detailed design of the system. This involves bringing together all the key stakeholders in the project and developing the system together. Our experience allows us to highlight any problems that arise and develop a solution.

Following completion of the design stage, we issue design drawings to our client and our expert engineers ready for installation to start. The design process from start to finish typically takes 4-6 weeks but this can often be completed much quicker if timescales require it.

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