Heat Pump Consultants


Heat pumps are under-utilised in the UK and one of the main reasons for this is a lack of awareness of the benefits. Our heat pump consultants are second to none when it comes to explaining the technology and understanding your needs. They handle all new enquiries and work hard to ensure end up with the most suitable system. We have an ethics policy which requires every member of the team to give honest advice - even if that means advising that a heat pump is unsuitable for your project. 

Unlike many of our competitors who are tied to a particular heat pump manufacturer, we are completely vendor neutral and this allows us to give you 100% impartial advice. Contact our expert heat pump consultants today to set-up an kick-off meeting. 

The consultation process will typically follow these stages: 

  1. Project plan assessment - reviewing every detail of your project including floor plans, site plans, and any specifications that have been developed to date. We will ensure a clear understanding of your objectives, time-frames and budget before we make any recommendations.
  2. Heating assessment - carrying out a heat loss assessment of your property and making an assessment of the heat requirement and system type. If a ground source heat pump is in consideration, we will also carry out a desktop study of the geology and hydro-geology under the site.
  3. Scope of work development - following an agreed solution, our consultants will put together a quotation for the work and highlight any additional allowances for provisions. We can also help with the planning application at this stage if required.
  4. Savings and income generation estimation - calculating an estimate of the fuel savings and the income generation from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (if applicable) to take into consideration when deciding on the investment.

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